Nationwide Parking

The District Docklands – West Car Park

88 Pearl River Road, Docklands VIC, Australia

Monday24 Hours

Tuesday24 Hours

Wednesday24 Hours

Thursday24 Hours

Friday24 Hours

Saturday24 Hours

Sunday 24 Hours

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88 Pearl River Road, Docklands VIC, Australia

Parking Rates

First 90 Minutes Free Parking - 7 Days a Week
Monday - Sunday

First 90 minutes$0.00

90 minutes - 2.0 hours$12.00

2.0 - 3.0 hours$14.00

3.0 - 4.0 hours$16.00

4+ hours (daily maximum)$18.00

Monday - Friday

Early Bird (Enter by 10am, Exit between 3pm - Midnight)$13.00

Monthly Parking Available - Contact Us


Max. Height Clearance 2.1m
Autopay Access Control System
Number Plate Recognition in Use

Payment Method Accepted
Credit Card only
Credit Card Payment at Exit accepted

New day commences at Midnight and ends at 11.59pm